Numero Uno

It was about time: Gemma Ward graduates to Icon status, and Raquel Zimmermann finally takes the number one spot at Top 50 Models. She is followed closely by fellow Southern Brazilian Carol Trentini at number five.

The first time I ever saw Raquel was about seven or eight years ago while I was working as an intern for a New York designer. She was doing fittings for our show after being dropped from Ralph and several others. She was dropped from our show too that season. Now just look how far she has gone since Miuccia picked her to open a Prada show. It won't be long until she is called an icon as well.


Way to go Raquel!!

Gemma may have been the top model for a couple of years but I don't think she is an icon. You people use that word too loosely. If she still has a career in her late 20s and early 30s, then call her an icon. At this point, a supermodel sounds just appropriate.

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