More Thiago Alves

While the spread with model Thiago Alves for The Boy would not have been my choice to start the new year, I have to admit that the exclusive members-only pictures are pretty sexy. More of them after the jump.

I uploaded the members-only pictures in a photo album, which will be up for a limited time. Make sure to check it out. Warning: semi-NSFW.


The photos of him crawling with no clothes on is very reminiscent of a Playboy photo shoot. Not sexy at all.

Now where as cute as previous The Boy models.
He has a dirty (street hustler)look.

I still would like to see more "men of different flavors" who truly represent the many races of Brazil.

I love the pics! They are better than the ones previously posted, and yes, in my opinion, sexy! He still seems uncomfortable in front of the camera, but overall much better! His body looks a lot better too. He may have potential after all.

He looks like an older Diego Luna, which is perfectly fine by me

The other day I was disappointed with the photos of Thiago which appeared in "The Boy;" today I have a completely different view of him; I find the guy to be sensual looking as well as sexy.

His poses could be indeed alluring and enticing! He, after all, is another sizzzzzzling Brasilian man for the wanting!!

Anyone who knows what kind of briefs he's wearing? The grey ones with the colourful waistband are really cool!

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