Gay Teen Bashed in Niterói

O Globo Online has just reported today that 19-year old student Ferruccio Silvestro was beat up on the night of November 30th. Leaving a gay club in São Domingos, Niterói, Ferrucio was approached by three middle-class boys in their early 20s who screamed at him "We don't want faggots in our neighborhood." Ferrucio tried to run and hide at a nearby gas station, but the group of boys reached him, and kicked him to the ground, leaving him unconscious. The gay teen spent the last four days at the hospital, and is set to press charges tomorrow.

This is the second time this year that a major gay bashing incident happens in Niterói. Back in August, two gay guys were assaulted by four men on their way to the local Gay Pride festivities.

For those of you heading to Rio for NYE, please keep an eye open at all times. As tolerant as the city may seem, attacks against gays still happen.


OMG........... this is really really sad. poor boyyy.... look at his face. it doesn't even look real.


wow. despicable. it always rages me whenever straight, moralistic ppl does this. stupidity written on their ignorant faces. makes me defend my gay friends even more.

It's more than stupidity! It's more like acute homophobia or repressed gayness on the part of the perpetrators!

When I read about the young guy being beaten for his sexuality, I became appalled!

Hope the young lad recovers and wins in court, if he has a chance in court! ...have been told that certain cases in my favorite country and in Rio are difficult to win!

I really hope he recovers, I had a similar event happen to me, it's truly a shame when you cant even safely walk around your town anymore.

Maybe if he wasnt hanging out with so many other fags, he wouldnt have gotten the shit beat out of him. This is the price of the gay lifestyle.

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