Brazil's Next Top Model Is...

19-year-old Mari Velho, from Santos, one of my favorites from the very beginning of the show.

Now as much as I agree that Mari Velho should have won the Ford modeling contract and the cover of Brazilian Elle, it was finalist Ana Paula Bertola who took the best pictures last night.

As for the show, it certainly grew on me as its first season progressed. There are still many issues that need to be addressed for next season, such as the awful lighting which makes everyone look pale and tired, the sound quality full of echoes and background noises, and the production of the shoots which could certainly benefit from an investment in art direction and styling. However, the important thing is that host Fernanda Motta came out of her shell, stopped acting like Tyra, and proved that she has what it takes to make the show work. I would still like to see her more extroverted and goofy side, and for that reason alone I cannot wait for the second season of the show.

Pictures of all the contestants and episodes at BRNTM.


Ela é namorada do modelo Carlos Frantz, um dos corpos da última temporada brasileira.

I totally agree that they should invest more in the art direction. It looks like we do not have a great photographer. Not that I want Fernanda to copy Tyra, but she could dress better. Sometimes she looks like she is wearing a potato sac. Also, they should spend less time (the first season looked like BBB), and spend more time on the analyses of the pictures, as in ANTM. On the last season there was even some pictures not shown, wich is an absurd! I, also would love that near the end, as they have a less number of contestants and go to beautiful places, that we have planty.

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