Another Magazine Comes Out Of The Closet

And it brings none other than Andre Ziehe on the cover of its first issue.

It is as if Brazilian companies are finally starting to realize that a gay market actually exists: following the footsteps and recent success of Junior magazine, DOM (or De Outro Modo) is the second big gay publication to debut in Brazilian newstands this year.

The magazine's first issue was released yesterday, and as soon as I get my hands in a copy over the weekend, I will make sure to dissect it here, and bring you information on the content and editorial work. For a quick preview, visit Revista DOM.


Yes, please let us know if any of the models are darker than a snowball! Sheesh!

i bought mine last saturday! its great!

WOW! Those Brazilian dudes are fuckin'sexy and horny! There is another Brazilian gay magazine called "G Magazine" running for years and it seems to be a hit on Brazilian gay scene.

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