O Ano: The Year In Review At Made In Brazil

Brazilian gay media saw the birth of not just one, but two very promising publications: Junior and DOM.

São Paulo's Gay Pride Parade broke its own record by gathering 3.5 million people in the streets. The event was marked by a lack or organization and security, and a tourist was murdered.

Gay characters became a must-have item on all Brazilian soaps. Malvino Salvador became the hottest actor on TV.

27-year-old Luciano Lupo became the first ever Mr. Gay Brazil.

São Paulo's nightclub The Week celebrated its third year in business by opening a franchise in Rio. Rumor has it that Buenos Aires is next.

Models Caroline Trentini and Raquel Zimmermann were amongst the ten lucky girls chosen for the cover of the May issue of Vogue, celebrating the world's next top models. While Carol was busy jumping for photographers in every issue of Vogue, Raquel was featured in all major magazines and ad campaigns, and climbed her way to the #1 spot of the list at Models.com.

Gisele still reigns supreme as the highest paid model of her generation. In 2007, she may have not renewed her contract with Victoria's Secret, but scored ad campaigns for YSL, Aquascutum, Vogue Eyewear, Colcci, Vivara, and Pantene. She also scored a very hot boyfriend, Tom Brady.

It was the year of the naked designers. Marc Jacobs did not miss a single opportunity to expose his new buff body and tanned skin. Tom Ford got naked in the shower for a spread on Out magazine, and put out a controversial ad campaign for his new fragrance. And while John Galliano may not have undressed, he created the hottest fashion spread of the year for Arena Homme.

The September issue of Vanity Fair, devoted to Brazil and shot by Mario Testino, raised a huge debate about race and the image of the country overseas. For his love for Rio, Testino was awarded honorary citizenship of the city with a huge bash at the Copacabana Palace.

Rio was featured in every major publication, from the February issue of Out to Vogue Paris.

Evandro Soldati confirmed his super male model status with an Armani exclusive, and a much talked about naked picture on Visionaire 52.

Rodrigo Santoro was the Brazilian of the year overseas, landing a role in Lost, promoting the movie 300, and posing in cashmere all over America for a Gap ad campaign.

Tropa de Elite was not only the best Brazilian movie of the year, but probably one of the best movies produced in the country to date.

Brazilian television developed national franchises of Desperate Housewives and America's Next Top Model. The first one tanked, the latter is promising. Heroes was my favorite show on American television.

My iPod could not get enough of Justin, Rihanna, and Timbaland this year. However, if I had to pick a song to represent 2007, it would have been Mika's Love Today.

This is what really made my year on Made In Brazil.


An interesting Brazilian filled year and thanks for bringing it all to us.
I hope 2008 is a superb year for you!!!

Things I Want For 2008:

1 - More Caroline Trentini jumping. She may not be a model/actor/singer, but model/jumper isn't half-bad.

2 - Marc Jacobs in more clothing.

3 - Rodrigo Santoro, Thomaz de Oliveira, Saulo Melo, and Felipe Hulse in much, MUCH less clothing.

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