World AIDS Day And A Message To Brazilian Teens

World AIDS Day is celebrated on Saturday, December 1. The safe sex campaign developed by the government this year is targeted at teenagers, and one of the commercials takes a cool and honest approach to gay relationships. Since I could not find the video on YouTube, I uploaded it myself.

Singer Negra Li is the spokesperson for the campaign. More info at Qual Sua Atitude, and subtitles in English for the commercial above after the jump.

Boy: Am leaving...
Dad: Be careful.
Mom: Don't forget to take a condom with you.
Dad: Son, take it just in case. You never know if your boyfriend is going to have one or not.
Boy: Thanks dad, thanks mom.
Negra Li: You don't expect all parents to be like this, right? Wearing a condom should be your attitude, and it is important in the fight against AIDS.

The other commercial featuring a girl telling her mother to also wear a condom is available here.


God bless Brazil :)

aaammmeeeeeiiii o comercial !!!!!! ficou otimo !!!! obrigado por colocar ele na net !!!!
Beijos !

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