Ragazzo Hits Rio

Some of the boys from Ragazzo Model Management were in Rio last week doing castings for Dior Homme. Booker Anderson Bonella sent me a few candid pictures of the trip with models Victor Gaspar, Alvin Huguinin, Fabricio Litke, and Josef Lauvers.

More of Fabricio and Victor at the beach in speedos after the jump.

All pictures exclusively at Made In Brazil by Anderson Bonella. All models at Ragazzo Model Management.


I love VICTOR. He is just soooo HOT!

i couldn't understand one thing he said but i am totally ready to have his babies.

All the Models are so thin, and WHITE. Where is the diversity? This is NOT the Brasil I visit three times per year, not close!!!!

why does this post need to show diversity? is this a political post? does it claim that these pics represent brazil? go grandstand somewhere else. you're annoying.

I agree with Joey. I like this blog, but I consistently disappointed the choice of models. The majority of the Brazilian population isn't white and I constantly wonder why aren't more than a handful of mixed-race and black models showcased. I realize this isn't a political blog or post, but it's exactly on websites like this that discriminatory practices (which are endemic in Brazil) are reproduced.

Hello, best boys, send me more, maybe undressed , tnx. Bernd

Can you get more Fabricio´s pics? He´s great!

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