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Remember the week-long series of pictures of sexy Ragazzo models? Didio, the Brazilian photographer responsible for the images, updated his website recently, and added a new gallery entitled Men's Lab, which will feature some of his unpublished works and personal projects.

Didio just made his debut at The Boy this month, and has a spread on the second issue of Junior magazine. More of his Men's Lab after the jump.

Dissecting November's Vogue Brazil

Month after month I have been buying Vogue Brazil in hopes that an editor will have an epiphany and turn the magazine into Latin America's most coveted fashion book. Month after month I get disappointed when I open the magazine, and November was no different.

Let's start with the cover: who is responsible for picking it? Because whoever that person is, it needs to be the first one to be fired. The last three covers have been far below mediocre, and November's was just the icing on the cake this year. When you have access to Izabel Goulart and Carol Ribeiro, what is newcomer Isadora di Domenico doing on the cover? If the covers of Vogue Brazil are bought by modeling agencies like everyone says, this one was a big waste of money.

The only great thing that comes out of the navy-inspired edit from the cover are Jacques Dequeker's pictures of Rio from the roof of the new Fasano. The clothes are weak, and you know my take on the choice of model already.

Surprisingly, the edit that follows is the best thing about the magazine. Stylist Matheus Mazzafera had turned out some of the worst outfit choices seen in the magazine throughout the year, but may have just proved that he has actual potential to become an innovator by taking a chance with newcomer Loris Kramer in her Vogue debut, and by mixing designer pieces with beachwear in an effective way for the first time in his young career. The fact that Rafael Lazzini is part of the mix and that Gui Paganini shot the piece does help too.

The neo pirate spread with Izabel Goulart is nothing new, but does feature a good selection of pieces for the beach. How can you go wrong with Izabel Goulart's slamming body in swimsuits? SHE would have been a great cover.

Closing the editorials produced in the country is a selection of the dullest cruise outfits worn by Caroline Ribeiro. Not even she manages to make them look desirable.

And on that note, I am waiting to see some improvement in December. I don't criticize the publication for any other reason than the fact that I believe it has the potential to be a lot more than it is. There is a vast array of top notch photographers and stylists in this country, as well as an amazing selection of clothes and models to pick from, so there is no excuse for uninspired work. Why is it that you never see Vogue Brazil in most newstands in cities such as New York, when on the same place you can find several copies of Vogue China? I think it is time for the editors to step up their game.

Speedo Break: When Artists Blog

I am loving that Globo networks invited (or coerced) some of its actors to blog about their lives, and that one of the chosen ones just so happens to be Alexandre Slaviero. To be honest, I have no interest in what he has to say or recommend, but I do love the fact that he posts pictures of himself every now and then.

The picture above can only be topped by a phrase that accompanies the post about fishing: "Você, a vara e o tempo." You have to speak Portuguese to truly appreciate it as a literary gem.

On more Alexandre Slaviero news, the actor is going to be involved in a controversial love triangle in the soap Duas Caras. His character Heraldo is going to fall in love with a woman who happens to love with the gay character played by Thiago Mendonça, who will actually be into Heraldo. Tricky and somewhat cliche, but I am curious to see how it will play out. Thanks Alvaro for the heads up.

The Boy Sizzles At The End Of The Year

The December spread shot for Terra's The Boy with Roberto França proves that photographer Didio is intent on sexing things up, and offering more fully exposed back views than what we are used to on the site. Roberto may not be one of my favorite models to pose for The Boy this year, but his spread certainly is. Now I only wish Didio had also shot Ramirez Allender and Fernando Sippel.

Pictures of Roberto França skinny dipping after the jump (warning: semi-NSFW).

Dancing With Helio Castroneves

As much as I appreciate Dancing With The Stars, it has never been a show that I followed, especially now that I am in Brazil and my access to American television is mostly determined by what is available on iTunes and YouTube. That said, I did not follow the path that lead Brazilian race-car driver Helio Castroneves to victory last night, when he beat out Spice Girl Melanie Brown and Marie Osmond for the prized mirror ball trophy, but I did get tons of emails this morning letting me know all about it.

Castroneves and his dance partner Julianne Hough opted to revisit their quick step for the final, which earned them perfect marks. In the end though it was the viewer votes that allowed them to take home the trophy. It was the second consecutive win for Julianne, who won last season’s show with speed skater Apolo Ohno. Watch the couple dance the jive here, and their big win here.

Chef Santoro

Rodrigo Santoro posed in different attires for Ibirapuera Life magazine. The chef picture is my favorite. More here.

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