Pop Torture: Made In Brazil Podcast #4

I know you are going to kill me for publishing this latest podcast, but I figured I would go ahead and do it anyway. Before you click on the button below to listen to my latest venture into podcasting, please be advised that it is an extravaganza of somewhat old pop songs, most of which I am embarrassed to admit that I liked at a certain point in the past (and that still have a bit of a time machine effect on me). If you are into guilty pleasures like me, there is a chance you may actually enjoy it.

Made In Brazil Podcast #4

Warning: if your are diabetic, do not even dare clicking on the play button because the selection of pop songs is pretty sugary.


1. Come On Over ( All I Want Is You) - Christina Aguilera
2. Stop - Spice Girls
4. Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
5. Complicated - Avril Lavigne
6. Don't Speak - No Doubt
7. I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
8. Be With You - Enrique Iglesias
9. Say My Name - Destiny's Child
10. (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!) - Britney Spears
11. Do You Know What It Takes - Robyn
12. Tearin' Up My Heart - 'N Sync
13. Everywhere - Michelle Branch
14. So Yesterday - Hilary Duff
15. Whenever, Wherever - Shakira
16. Waiting For Tonight - Jennifer Lopez
17. She Bangs - Ricky Martin
18. The Hardest Thing - 98 Degrees


eeesh...that last podcast was a bit too top40 for me...loved the other 3 however!

Kd o playlist? rsrsrs
Amei os outros, e esse tbm.

ahá! não tinha aparecido antes...

loved it! much better than the last one. not better than the first though ;)

I just liked the first podcast,
that was a great selection

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