I Keep Bleeding Love

I have been listening a lot to Leona Lewis' debut album Spirit these days. I know the video for the first single Bleeding Love was released a while ago, but I am so in love with the song that I had to post it here.

Sorry for all the ballads lately. I must be going through a romantic phase.

Fashion Note: the shimmery Dolce & Gabbana number Leona wears in the video is getting a lot of press lately. Victoria Beckham wears the same dress in the Spice Girls video for Headlines.


She covered Snow Patrols 'Run' while on Jo Whileys Radio 1 Live lounge - it's absolutely stunning.


i luv d song..i hate d video..very amateurish,,,

im in love with leona's music too! cant stop listening to her album and of course bleeding love! she's definitely got the x-factor!

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