Big Brother Hopeful Of The Week: Fernando Mesquita

As much as I want Mr. Gay Brazil Luciano Lupo to be selected for the eighth season of Big Brother Brazil, I am not sure he would provide as many shirtless moments and as much fun on national TV as 25-year-old carioca Fernando Mesquita.

Think he is cute? He is even better on camera. Watch his video submissions after the jump, and vote for him online.

You know that messy hair took hours in front of the mirror.

He mentioned he worked as a pizza delivery man in the past. Why is it that whenever I order food no one like him ever shows up?


No words...makes me wonder I never run into gods like him when I'm in Brasil...maybe I gotta go more aften ;)

does any1 know what brand those sunglasses are in pic1. I need them .x

those sunglasses are emporio armani.

i couldn't understand one thing he said but i am totally ready to have his babies.

he looks like Marco Dapper. and looks like he's packing some serious heat...probably uncut. damn! gimme more!

fernando mesquista be assumed gay .. he was caught with her boyfriend also the Rio model Bernardo !!!

hey look that
he's soooo sexy

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