This Man Should Be Sent To A Mental Institution

Brazilian senator Magno Malta gave a public (and televised) speech yesterday regarding the approval of bill 122, which would classify homophobia as a hate crime on federal level. Not only was the senator against the bill, but he also followed to state that allowing gays to manifest affection in public would be the equivalent of giving pedophiles (or even necrophiles) a seal of approval. Watch it unfold in the video below:

I am beyond outraged with his speech, and translated a few excerpts of it. This is what Mr. Malta had to say about the approval of a bill which can guarantee the rights of over 18 million Brazilian citizens.

"(Homosexuals) may be having sex under your window, and you won't be able to tell them that there are children around and that that is not appropriate behavior, because then it will be considered discrimination, and you may go yo jail for it.

(By approving this bill) you are giving homosexuals more freedom and rights than those given to blacks and native-Brazilians in the past.

My greatest concern now is that pedophilia is considered a mental disorder. However, by approving this bill which states that we can no longer discriminate against homosexuality, we would be doing the equivalent of legalizing pedophilia. Bestiality may then also be considered a sexual option. Necrophilia may then also be considered a sexual option. Passing the bill would mean approving that kind of behavior and making it legal."

Mr. Malta has no idea of what he just got himself into. I am now thinking about organizing a trip to the senator's house exclusively to have wild gay sex under his window.

Comparing homosexuality, a sexual orientation and not a sexual option, to a mental disorder such as pedophilia should be unacceptable for someone on his position. Aside from that, making statements about gays not knowing how to properly behave in a public environment is demeaning, only contributes to promote prejudice, and should be punished.

The Association Of Gays, Lesbians, And Transgenders released a statement today against the senator's speech. You can read in its entirety in Portuguese at Mix Brasil.


I'm all about having sex under his window!!!! love that Idea, just let me know so I get my leather clean...
I love this site!

the way things are these days (at least in the U.S.), when someone like this rants about the evils of homosexuality, all i can think of are people like ted haggard, larry craig, etc.....

perhaps senator malta has a wide stance,too....

And you guys call this a "Great Nation"? Not with all of the corrupt and homophobic politicians you have....


Sean, and based on your theory, USA would be crowned be the most stupid country ever (since you have that piece of s.. called george Bush).

you cannot judge our country based on these things. there are bad politicians all over the world. and we do have great ones too.

This kind of speech is everywhere and they gain space among ignorant people... what can we say about the people who elect dummies like that?

Pior que esse merda é daqui do Espírito Santo. Nunca fui com a cara dele e com razão... não é de se espantar que ele seja pastor de igreja evangélica também.

VI Just so you, I'm a canadian!

tinha que ser pastor !!!!! esse cara e muuuiiiittttooooo ridiculo !

I guess this guy never really had education at all or was absent when the professor in psychology had discussed about the List of Mental Disorders, because homosexuality is not in it. I agree with you that he compared us to phedophile or necrophile or zoophile which are all under that list, which is an outright perversion.

Maybe he should not be in your congress, he should be tied-up and straight jacketed and be sent to the looney bin.

Bom dia senhor Senador.
Eu assiti sua declaraçao na Tv Senado a respeito da Lei Contra a Homofobia. Parabenizo pela sua manifestação. Afinal o senhor é o retrato da população brasileira que podemos definir em poucas palavras: IGNORANTE E HIPOCRITA.
O meu sentimento de tê-lo como autoridade no meu país é de VERGONHA. Vergonha do senhor ainda ter a coragem de utilizar o nome de Deus para tamanha falta de respeito humano.

O senhor é um dos motivos dos quais me levou a FUGIR do meu próprio país e vir para o Canadá encontrei refugio, apoio da sociedade e do governo que ao contrario do senhor trabalha com RESPEITO e HUMANIDADE.

Enfim, mais uma vez quero apenas parabenizá-lo. Tenho certeza que o senhor conseguiu muitos votos para a próximas eleições e certemente continuará neste poder: PODE, HIPÕCRITA, ESTÚPIDO E IGNORANTE. Enfim exatamente o tipo de ambiente que o senhor merece estar.

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