The Forbidden Fruit

Another delicious shot of Evandro Soldati in the latest Visionaire, by Mert & Marcus.

More here.

Like Evandro, designer Marc Jacobs also undressed for the duo of photographers. The result is after the jump (NSFW).


Ugh! I am so so so sick of seeing Marc Jacobs naked ... Enough already!! Go back to designing! You used to be such a classy gay, you're turning into a total gay cliche!!

Where has he been naked before??

Pancho, I just wrote almost the exact same thing on my Twitter. So sick of seeing him naked too! He's supposed to be a professional designer. I work in design and my boyfriend works in the same field as Marc Jacobs and I can't image any of those people showing up naked in magazines after a year of hitting the gym hard. It's embarrassing!

I agree 100% that Marc should reign it in and stop with the gay cliche he is becoming. Unfortunately, he is starting to represent everything that is undesirable about the gay community: unbridled body dismorphia, questionable taste in men, a possible drug habit, and unjustifiable exercises in excess on every level (yes, I am referring to the two new marc jacobs stores that will join the three already in existence in the W. Village).
He needs to grab Britney and Blohan and take a year off.

Does anyone has the Marc Jacobs scan from Visionaire? Email me please?

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