Learn To Surf In Floripa

Lately I have been bombarded with emails about Floripa as many of you seem interested in heading there in the next couple of months. While I am putting together a guide with bars, restaurants, and hotels to make your life easier, I decided to suggest surfing lessons as an alternative to all the late-night parties.

I have been thinking about learning to surf for a while now, and recently found out Floripa has a great program for that at Brazil Surf Camp. I figured I would post about it as there are probably a few of you who would like to embark on a surf camp in the south of Brazil as well.

I can't say much about my personal experience with the program as I have not yet been able to take a week off and devote it to surfing, but the packages listed on the website look like a good deal to me. And if a week is too long for you, there are also weekend packages with accommodations at Mole Beach Park Hotel, meals, and four hours of daily surf lessons, which could be a good way to get your body in shape for Carnival.

For more information, visit Brazil Surf Camp. I am now trying to get together a few friends to go with me to take advantage of the special group rates.


Wow I'd be up for it!

I too have been trying to figure out a visit to Floripa as part of my trip to Brazil this Feb, but it's hard to decide what to do. As a gay tourist, should I stay in the city or in Mole or where? If I can only visit 4 days, is it OK to visit during the week? Or will I be missing out? Should I really try to go for a weekend?

I'm also surprised it's hard to find nonstop flights from Buenos Aires. They only run on Sat/Sun (TAM, Aerolineas Argentinas). GOL has a direct flight with 1 stop.

floripa is awesome in february. i recommend staying in lagoa da conseição. the lake is beautiful, and the village is chill and it's the closest place from mole that has nice selection of places in the evening to eat and to go out. to meet guys, go to the north end of mole, or better yet, follow the trails from there to praia galheta where clothing is optional...

if you like to go the clubs, it's better to visit during the weekend (thu-sun) and then you might consider staying at the center and renting a car or motorcycle to get to the beaches. center is where most of the clubs are, although in some seasons there is a gay club in lagoa, some seasons there isn't.

of course, the carnaval would be the best time to visit floripa, early february in 2008.

Thanks for the tips. I would probably go a week after carnaval. I realize it could be quiet then.

Pretty amazing beach resort.. the pictures it shows to much and convince someone to go along this holiday... In the picture, the place was so great an unusual, really inviting...


Man, Floripa is awesome! I am from Sao Paulo, but go there whenever I can on vacation...

Praia Mole and Lagoa are the best areas for me, by far.

For learning to surf, try Nexus Surf (www.nexussurf.com), I know the surf instructor there, Ernesto (also Paulista but living in Floripa for 10+ years) he's amazing, and they have the best accommodations and nightlife connections too on the island from what I've seen.

Boa viagem!

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