Hyperballad: Björk And The Killers In São Paulo

Last night I left the pool party at The Week, and headed over to Anhembi to catch Björk performing at Tim Festival. The show was scheduled to start at 9 pm, but it ended up not starting until 10. I hadn't seen Björk live in seven years, and was looking forward to it because she happens to sound even better live than on any of her albums. However, she also sounds better at smaller venues in which you don't have to stand for hours for an edited version of her show (only one hour long last night). She also sounds better when you are not locked in an arena with by 20,000 teenagers smoking pot, and dripping warm beer on your arms. In spite of a great performance, filled with hits such as Hyperballad, Jóga, and Hunter, the production of the festival and bad acoustics of the arena totally ruined the experience for me.

I have not seen videos of Björk's performance from last night online, so am posting two videos from her concert in Rio last Friday:

I really wanted to watch The Killers perform, but decided to leave right after Björk's concert was over. As much as I love Brandon Flowers, I was just not up for waiting until 4 am for the show to start (and having to watch two other bands play until then, one of them being Juliette and the Licks). Some of my friends did stay, however, and said the concert was amazing (but that food stands ran out of beer in the middle of the night).

Rumor has it that producers want to bring Radiohead to play at the festival next year. If that is true, please make sure there is at least some redbull available after 9 pm.


I love this blog, but you are being a drama queen... please.. ;)

Well, I didn't see these problems in Rio, but for me it's obvious that organization is decreasing since first TIM Festival. What a difference from the two first festivals in Rio and in São Paulo (when they built the whole structure at Joquei). This year, the arenas in Rio were smaller than the big one in São Paulo and the beer didn't end. But the prices were high, the lines big and it was such a mess to take the drinks at the bars that I simply gave it up drinking. Eating was almost impossible. I hope that the organization listen to the complains or the festival, which was one of the best in the country, will become just another of these "raves".

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