And The First Mr. Gay Brazil Is...

27-year-old Luciano Lupo from Cuiabá, by far my favorite candidate. Mr. Gay São Paulo and Mr. Gay Brasília took the second and third spots, respectively.

Luciano Lupo will represent the country at the Mr. Gay International contest in Los Angeles in January, and will be photographed for the next issue of Junior magazine.

I decided to drop by the finals on Saturday night in São Paulo before heading over to The Week, but it was way too hot inside the theater to stay long (and the MC was too annoying to stand). I did manage, however, to tape the all contestants in swimsuits.

For more, check out some exclusive backstage shots at Mix Brasil and Lado A.

I know everything was done at the very last minute, but I would like to congratulate the guys over at MixBrasil for putting the contest together for the first time in the country.

I would also like to congratulate all the contestants for having the balls to compete. Although Brazil is blessed with some of the best genetic codes on the planet, I found it shocking that there were very few contestants willing to step out and face the media in such an event. Keep in mind that not even Rio was represented this year, and one of the contestants was forced to drop out because his family did not want to deal with the exposure (the contest was highlighted in a national TV program). I hope that all the positive media about the pageant will generate a lot more interest come next year.


All of the men are beautiful. I cannot wait until they each pose naked!

And of course you can't tell the difference between Luciano any other white boy in the USA. Why don't they just drop "Brazil" from the title and call it "Mr. Homogeneous Gay", cause I don't think that anyone who looks like more than "a white boy with a tan" will EVER win one of these lame contests. It's really a shame.

I was there in person and there were only three boys up for the title who would qualify for the "white boy" category. Luciano happened to be one of them, but that was certainly not the reason why he won.

M.I.B., It sounds pretty shady to me that one of only 3 "white boys" won the contest. Exactly why did he win? What were the judges looking for? I recently saw a documentary about the current controversy at one of the Brazilian colleges, where they are starting "Affirmative Action" based on the COLOR/SHADE of the student's skin! If you weren't "dark enough", you could not get the scholarship. One of the students spoke about the advertising in Brazil and how the images are mostly white, Aryan-looking models and do not represent the myriad of colors and features of the mixed Brazilian culture. So when I see contests that judge "beauty", I have to wonder what their criteria is.
Also, 99% of the images posted here are of "white boys", so it just looks to me like there are some serious color issues going on.

Sorry, but he doesn't look like any white American boy, i've ever seen. He may be a light skinned Brasileiro, but he sure don't look like no white American. Thank god for that.

i love brazil guy

why is this the first? :D and why are there no gay brazilian dating pages?

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