Junior: The Brazilian Gay Media Resurrects

September 10 will mark the release date of Junior, the first actual Brazilian gay publication of this decade built on the molds of Out and Tetu, with absolutely no porn. 30,000 copies of the first issue are being printed, which is a reasonably large number when you think of Brazilian media, and the fact that this territory in the country has not been tapped since the short-lived Sui Generis magazine in the 90s.

I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of the issue on my mailbox about a month ago, and I can only say good things about it. The magazine developed by the guys from Mix Brasil is fun, informative, nicely edited, and most important, groundbreaking at a certain level. There are references to international publications here and there, such as an editorial I have seen before at Genre originally shot by Mr. Oppesidano, but that is natural and will probably happen until Junior finds its own identity and connects to its reader. There is also beautiful photography and editorial work: the feature on Brazilian dancers is superb, and so are the pictures of 18-year-old newcomer Lucas Pitione (below), who also graces the cover of the first issue.

The magazine will initially run quarterly, but there are already special issues in the works for its first year. I will keep you posted with more exclusive pictures from the first issue of Junior next week.


essa revista terá distribuição nacional? Ou ficará restrita ao Rio e SP?

How can I get this (or other magazines) delivered to me in the US? I am leaving Brazil on Thursday for at least a year... do you know of websites or companies that would be of use?

I hope this magazine will be a success.The coverboy of this magazine is my wallpaper for the moment. I am french. I read Tetu. Tetu as a "mécène" (french word that say that somebody give a lot of money for this magazine). I also use to read other gay magazines: a french magazine (Pref), a belgian magazine (GUS), and I like australian magazine (DNA) for the exotic and freshness (sorry for my english)

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