The Brazilians At Next

New York Fashion Week kicks off next Wednesday, and I am expecting to see a lot of these three boys from Next on display.

Michael Camiloto is a veteran by now, and I am positive that we will see him strolling down the runway (chin down as always) at Michael Kors and Perry Ellis.

Matheus had a strong season in Brazil after booking the fall Zoomp ad campaign with Alessandra Ambrósio. I have a feeling he will do just as well in New York.

Kees Hattem is a newcomer in New York, although you have probably seen him featured here many times. After strong bookings in Milan and Paris, he may be the one to watch next week.

Check out for their comp cards in full size.


Kees Van Hattem is Brazilian? Gosh, his name sounds so Dutch. About 50% percent of Dutch population is either called Kees or Jan (of course I'm exaggerating, Brazilians are called Jaõ?). That's why Northern Americans got their nickname Yankees (Jan + Kees) originally referring to the Dutch settlers with the funny Dutch names in areas like New Amsterdam (= New York). Oh my God, why am I writing this nonsense? And Van Hattem? How Dutch is that?
Wam bam Van Damme Thank you mam!

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