Silver Balls

In times of so much controversy regarding gays in soccer, Rafael Córdova, the 28-year-old goalkeeper from Bahia's Vitória, was brave to pose naked for the September issue of G magazine.

The magazine hits newstands on Monday. More after the jump (warning: semi-NSFW).

Images via Sergio Ripardo and Terra.


Balls always get in the way when you are trying to get to the meat.

jack jett

HOT Goalie.

He can hold my balls anytime he wants!


Totally agreed with JJ...why are the balls always get in the way of the goodie? LOL... that ball looks pretty plump - wondered what's going on back there...i'd like to find out....ahhhhhh..

muito lindo!!!!!!!

I concur with all of the preceding comments!

Balls, balls, balls, balls!!!! Who has the balls, and what's behind "them" balls??

Este si es un verdadero heroe del fútbol mundial, VIVA BRASIL...

Lindo cuerpo y muy guapo, de veras I Wanna Be in Brazil

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