Recordings From Flight 3054 Released To Press

The transcript containing the last twelve minutes of communication between TAM's Airbus A320 and the control tower in Congonhas was released to press yesterday at a congressional hearing. AOL is featuring a video about the recordings of the black box, and Folha Online has made the transcript available in English as well. In spite of the slippery conditions of the runway, it is now believed that an equipment faillure may have lead to the acceleration of the aircraft upon landing.

On Sunday, families and relatives of the victims marched down the streets of São Paulo, and gathered at the crash site to demand that the government take immediate action to avoid another air accident. The general feeling is that this was a tragedy which could have been avoided.

TAM's president Marco Antonio Bologna announced today that the airline has set aside $1.5 billion for compensations to families of the victims of the plane crash.


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