Brazilianizing "Dancing With The Stars"

Gisele is not going to be dancing on ABC this season as rumored, but another Brazilian will: two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves was confirmed yesterday on the upcoming Dancing with the Stars lineup. He will be paired with professional dancer Julianne Hough, who won last year's title with speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno.

Bringing The Wig Back

After slaughtering actress Camila Pitanga by putting her in drag wigs in this month's Vogue Brazil, Brazilian art director Giovanni Bianco (who you may know for his work on Madonna's Confessions On A Dancefloor album) gets it right with Fernanda Lima. The model-turned-actress posed in a short wig for photographer J.R. Duran with beau Rodrigo Hilbert for the Forum Jeans spring 2008 ad campaign, art directed by Mr. Bianco.

Fernanda Lima is big in Brazil this season. The actress is also starring on the new Cia. Marítima ad campaign. More of her and Rodrigo for Forum after the jump.

Hotties And Mutants To Guarantee Ratings

I am ashamed to confess that I watched the first episode of Record's new soap Caminhos do Coração last night. Although the network probably spent a fortune on helicopter chases and special effects, it felt as if the director was trying too hard to come up with a Brazilian franchise of Heroes, with an added dose of X-Men and Die Hard. If it sounds ridiculous here, it is even worse on the screen.

Gay couple aside, the soap is set to revolve around a series of mutant children, all born at the same clinic where one of the doctors took upon herself to evolve the human species. Viewers were treated to a werewolf kid, a girl with wings, a teenager who can read minds, and a kid who can run as fast as Road Runner: stuff which only works on a Spielberg movie.

Luckily, Record knows that investing money on shooting in Miami is useless without a selection of hot actors to bring in the viewers. A handful of hotties was cast to make Caminhos do Coração a possible hit: Felipe Folgosi, Tuca Andrada, Alexandre Barilari, Leonardo Vieira, Jean Fercondini, and Cláudio Heinrich.

Interested in the production? Click here for a 7-minute preview of Caminhos do Coração.

A Semana: Mariah's Interview, La Bündchen's New Gigs, And Gay Rights

Mariah talks to Interview magazine about her upcoming album, her fragrance, and butterflies (of course).

Lance Bass lashed out at New York magazine for misquoting him this week.

Alicia Keys is back with a new single called No One. Her third album As I Am is due out November 13th.

Kaskade talks to Arjan about his new CD Bring The Night.

Sticky and sweet: another clip of Madonna's Candy Shop is now online.

Hint mag is crazy in love with Brazilian model Barbara Berger. She is currently on the Emporio Armani billboards all over New York, and is destined to have a season full of bookings.

Gisele will not be dancing on your television screen this season: rumors that she was cast for the hit show Dancing With The Stars were false.

Best news of the week so far: Project Runway is back on November 14.

La Bündchen is coming to São Paulo next week to promote a new line of Pantene hair products at Terraço Daslu on Monday. She recently photographed the new Pantene ad campaign in New York with Nino Muñoz. Gisele will be staying at her hotel of choice, Emiliano.

Rio's governor Sérgio Cabral put in practice a new law against discrimination yesterday, giving pension funds' rights to four homosexual partners of public workers.

While political advances happen, violence against gays is still on the media: a gay couple was attacked by four men on their way to the Pride parade in Niterói this past Sunday.

FYI, today is National Lesbian Visibility Day in Brazil.

Silver Balls

In times of so much controversy regarding gays in soccer, Rafael Córdova, the 28-year-old goalkeeper from Bahia's Vitória, was brave to pose naked for the September issue of G magazine.

The magazine hits newstands on Monday. More after the jump (warning: semi-NSFW).

Lagerfeld's Insurance Policy

I mentioned months ago that, like Vanity Fair, Interview magazine was also going to have an issue devoted to Brazil. I heard from inside sources this week that the issue was canceled at the very last minute because Karl Lagerlfeld, who was scouted to shoot it, was not authorized under his insurance policy to fly to Rio. Kaiser Karl was also rumored to shoot the new Chanel campaign in the country with Raquel Zimmermann, but I guess that is not happening either. When you have a bodyguard as sexy as Karl does, it makes no sense to put him in danger.

Talking about Lagerfeld, the Chanel spring 2008 collection will feature jewelry by Brazilian Carlos Alberto Sobral.

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