Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: John M.

Closing the month of August is 19-year-old newcomer John M. He made his debut on All American Guys earlier this month, and there are more pictures of him (to get you through Labor Day weekend) after the jump.

Just how ripped are these two kids? All that and he claims his favorite food is pizza. Life is just not fair. Visit All American Guys for enlarged versions of the pictures above, as well as videos of John M.


Yummy, yummy, yummy! Both of these guys would make for a wonderful feat at our Labor Day activities!!!!!

Betcha he's living on a potato, bread, rice, pasta and pizza diet and works out 3 times a week. Life can sometimes be REALLY unfair, hehe.

Does John have a big thingee???

How can you have a body like that at bloody 19? Shouldn't he save that look for when he's 32 (he looks 35)? He'll never experience the extasy of being a lanky awkward teenager. Sigh.

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