More Saulo Melo

If it is up to me, you are going to be seeing a lot more of Saulo Melo soon. He is one of my favorite Brazilian boys at the moment, and there are more pictures after the jump.

Visit Terra's The Boy for the complete picture portfolio. I have also uploaded a photo album with the members-only pictures, which will be up for a limited time only. Make sure to check it out if you are curious to see more.


I never realized how diverse Brazilian men are! I wonder if Melo has a sugar daddy. If he needs one, send him my email address... hehehe

Hello! I like the mind's blog.Guapers

The diversity of its people is one of the greater features of Brasil. Yes, the country, in most regions has a legion of gorgeous men, from the lightest to the darkest in complexions. The physicality of the men also vary!

Mr. Patel, I'd encourage you to visit this, the largest country in South America, and experience the people (esp. the men) first hand! I've loved meeting many of them and developing acquaintances and well as friendships.

This "boi" is hot! I'd take him whenever he was ready!


hey saulo u are so good.......ur the best!!!!

Super hot body!

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