Happy Labor Day (And Brazilian Day)

In Brazil we celebrate Labor Day with the rest of the globe on May 1st, but I never found it as fun (or bbq-friendly) as Labor Day in the United States. Hope all of you have a great Labor Day weekend, and wear all the white you can.

If you are in New York this Sunday, keep in mind that the 23rd Annual Brazilian Day will take over 18 blocks around Little Brazil this year. 46th Street between 6th Avenue and Times Square plus 6th Avenue between 43rd and 57th Streets will be closed to traffic for the festivities, which include traditional Brazilian food, drinks, art and handcrafts. As usual, there will be live Brazilian music and dance all day. This year's line up includes Bruno and Marrone, Jota Quest, and Asa de Aguia.

Over 1.5 million people attended Brazilian Day in New York last year. If you check it out, please send pictures.

The Brazilians At Next

New York Fashion Week kicks off next Wednesday, and I am expecting to see a lot of these three boys from Next on display.

Michael Camiloto is a veteran by now, and I am positive that we will see him strolling down the runway (chin down as always) at Michael Kors and Perry Ellis.

Matheus had a strong season in Brazil after booking the fall Zoomp ad campaign with Alessandra Ambrósio. I have a feeling he will do just as well in New York.

Kees Hattem is a newcomer in New York, although you have probably seen him featured here many times. After strong bookings in Milan and Paris, he may be the one to watch next week.

Check out Models.com for their comp cards in full size.

Gisele (In A Silver Bikini) For The Italians

I have no idea of how Gisele finds the time to photograph so many editorials and ad campaigns. This September she oozes sex appeal on the cover of Italian GQ, styled by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, and shot by Steven Klein. On the same issue, the designers talk to Italian GQ editor-in-chief Michele Lupi about fashion and men, and also style a fashion spread with David Bailey.

Thanks Ricardo for the heads up.

Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: John M.

Closing the month of August is 19-year-old newcomer John M. He made his debut on All American Guys earlier this month, and there are more pictures of him (to get you through Labor Day weekend) after the jump.

The Country's Latest Piracy Scandal

The Brazilian movie industry is currently facing its biggest piracy scandal ever: the highly anticipated Tropa de Elite, directed by José Padilha, was scheduled for a November release this year. However, the director's third cut leaked, and ended up on the hands of street vendors in Rio and São Paulo, who have been selling the DVD for R$ 10 since the middle of August. The movie has also made its way to YouTube, forcing the actual release date to be moved to October 12.

The movie cost a reportedly R$ 10 million, making it one of the most expensive productions in the country to date, and revolves around the Special Operations Police Squad in Rio (expect corruption and violence, and a realistic portray of the police). Tropa de Elite has already been bought by Mr. Weinstein, who plans to submit it to the Sundance Film Festival in January (and is probably not happy with all the DVDs being sold on the streets).

Director José Padilha claims that at this point there is no way of predicting if the bootleg copies will have a major effect on ticket sales, especially considering that version available is not the final cut. From the first 7 minutes up on YouTube I am already convinced to watch it:

This morning three sound technicians from Drei Marc were identified as the ones responsible for leaking the movie, and may face up to four years in jail.

Speedo Break With Tomato Sauce

Comedians Vesgo and Ceará hit Spain to cover Valencia's Tomatina Fiesta for their show Pânico na TV, which airs this Sunday in Brazil. I am happy that at least one of them wore red speedos to match the theme of festival.

Via Ilustrada. More pictures of the Tomatina Fiesta here.

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