Happy Labor Day (And Brazilian Day)

In Brazil we celebrate Labor Day with the rest of the globe on May 1st, but I never found it as fun (or bbq-friendly) as Labor Day in the United States. Hope all of you have a great Labor Day weekend, and wear all the white you can.

If you are in New York this Sunday, keep in mind that the 23rd Annual Brazilian Day will take over 18 blocks around Little Brazil this year. 46th Street between 6th Avenue and Times Square plus 6th Avenue between 43rd and 57th Streets will be closed to traffic for the festivities, which include traditional Brazilian food, drinks, art and handcrafts. As usual, there will be live Brazilian music and dance all day. This year's line up includes Bruno and Marrone, Jota Quest, and Asa de Aguia.

Over 1.5 million people attended Brazilian Day in New York last year. If you check it out, please send pictures.


May 1st is not the same. It's seen as a communist or socialist event in the US. Labor Day is completely non-political.

I'm staying at a hotel walking distance from the main stage.....What a blast to have such a fun event while I'm visiting NYC. Los Brasilenos know how to have fun!!!

What's this crap about 'with the rest of the globe'? How do you get to be so ignorant?

Most of the world doesn't know anything about 'Labor Day', which is a USA and Canadian tradition. More importantly, most of the world have their own traditions. We don't slavishly follow the USA, who seem to presume (i.e. hold an opinion based on no evidence whatsoever) that 'USA = world'.

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