Desperate (And Cloned) Housewives

I forced myself to sit through the Brazilian version of Desperate Housewives on Wednesday night, but after ten minutes I was desperate to change the channel.

The script is a straight copy of the American version, and it does not translate well to Portuguese. The acting is beyond pathetic, especially when the actors try to mimic the EXACT same facial expressions from their American counterparts (which is often). And I am not even going to get into the fact that all characters other than the lead roles are dubbed in Portuguese because they are part of the Argentine cast which is shooting the Spanish version of the series. No one deserves to watch Lynette's children poorly dubbed.

To save you the trouble of watching an entire episode of this tragedy, skip to the 3rd minute of the video below, when the gardener is almost caught without his pants.

Note to producers: actress Sonia Braga is certainly the worst narrator in TV history, and she is getting paid R$ 300K for it. There is still time to fire her.


I agree with you... this is the worst version ever !!!!
(laughs)... não convence nem a Carmem Miranda cantando "Acham que voltei americanizada!...ehehehe...
Hugs and congratulations for this wonderful blog ! I´m proud of it.

Dizem que foi a Disney que não permitiiu maiores modificações na obra, por ser dona da série e do cenário na Argentina. Aquele primeiro capítulo com velório em casa e as pessoas levando quitutes foi triste...

i think they're trying to do it for ppl who doesn't know the real minidrama from usa so they can't compare it and discover that obviously it's better the original one.

I never thought I would consider Eva Longoria a good actress, but this chick who plays Gaby in the Brazilian version just showed me that there are worse people out there!

God, she's awful!

Seriously, why not show the original dubbed, like they were doing before? It would be the same thing!

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