Transvestites Confirm That Actor Rômulo Arantes Neto Is Innocent

After all the controversy around the case, the two transvestites who were supposedly attacked by Rômulo Arantes Neto at a motel last week came out to state that the young actor is innocent. They claimed that the third prostitute who charged the actor could not have had her purse robbed by Rômulo and his friends as she was not carrying one. According to the transvestites, the kids gave them R$20 to take a cab back to Copacabana as soon as they found out they were dealing with guys (and not girls as expected). They said Rômulo was not aggressive, and did not threat them at all.

Now should I mention that one of the trannies said that there was some kissing at the motel? And to make the story even better, one of them is called Fabiane Spears, for his (or her) resemblance to the pop queen. Only in Brazil.


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