Stalking Cauã Reymond

Flashing the best smile on Brazilian TV at a music concert in Bahia this weekend. Via Babado.


He is handsome, talented, and 100% gay!

100% gay? You wish bitch...

he's looking like Jesse Metcalfe in those pics !

Cauã? Nossa próxima capa.
Já sabe, né?

Not only is he handsome, he is soooooooooo CUTE! I guess he'd be ticklish and very much fun in bed!

I have to say I'm missing the 'stache ...

Cassio... okay, he is only 85% gay...


I'd kill for that smile, even if he was only 50-50 gay. There's nothing wrong with being a switch-hitter. Sometimes they can be even MORE fun. ;)

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