Fabiana Semprebom For Benetton

I have not posted anything on Fabiana recently, but am happy to see her next to Tom Warren in the new Benetton ads photographed by David Sims.

Too Sexy For Monday: Flávio Saretta

The Brazilian tennis player beat Adrián Garcia from Chile yesterday, taking home the last gold medal for the country at the games.

Brazilian Booty Parade

Will.I.Am takes brazilianizer to the next level in this snippet from his I Got It From My Mama video, shot in Rio a few weeks ago.

Speedo Sundays At The Pan-American Games

There was no podium for the Brazilian divers at the 10m trampoline yesterday in Rio: Cassius Duran finished in 7th place, and his teammate Hugo Parisi ranked in 5th.

Speedo Sundays

Thanks to my friend Anderson, Speedo Sundays gets back on track with some domestic product: 20-year-old student and personal trainer Marcus Mesquita.

The pictures were taken in Guarapari, Espirito Santo, exclusively for Made In Brazil. There are more after the jump.

Loosen Up Your Buttons

The Pussycat Dolls' body of work accumulated over the past two years is pretty impressive given that none of them can actually sing live. As much as I want to hate them, I end up falling for their songs as soon as I see a video with some sexed-up choreography and lack of clothing.

Now someone had the patience to paste their hits together in a megamix, and I am fixated.

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