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As I said on Monday, Ramirez Allender is my favorite model featured on The Boy this year. I hope this means Terra will start pushing for a little more ethnic diversity from now on.

More of the members-only pictures of Ramirez after the jump (warning: semi-NSFW).

I have uploaded the remaining members-only pictures in a photo album, which will be up for a limited time only. Do keep in mind that this is one of the sexiest spreads I have seen on The Boy, so you may get horny as a result.


This guy is incredible, and I hope this does mean more ethnic diversity will be showcased.

The image of Brazil presented to the world is incredibly eurocentric, which leaves the impression that everyone is white. That is so far from the truth.

Ramirez is a beautiful man with a beautiful smile. Thanks for sharing!

Ramirez looks great but I prefer the last one "the boy".

Some color! Enfin!
At least. I was starting to think that Brazil was a whole white country and that it was impossible to find some black hunk in this poor world.

Sorry - I don't get it. He has a nice smile and good body but looks to be too short. A+ for diversity but is this being made a big deal of because he is a tad darker than his bronzed neighbors?

No, Graig, honey.

It is being made a BIG deal because the man is a HOT HARD stud. Too bad you don't have a body like Ramirez!

Ramirez is simply gorgeous, not too muscled,not tattooed to death. And that smile, could sell tooth paste for days. He looks like black guys you see all over Brasil, esp Bahia. This site has really started to disappoint me. The beauty of the brown people in Brasil is not being shown here enough. Brasillian men/women of color are the most naturally beautiful people in the world.The perfect bodies the vibrant personalities, the total package. Hope to see more diversity...

quelque chose qui ressemble a un veritable homme!!!!!

He is gorgeous. I'm not dissappointed with him being selected at all. It's about time that they showed some more of the darker hues that Brazil has to offer. It's so sickening that all of the exports that make it big all seem to look alike complextion wise...Diversify people! Diversify!

Very nice as always on this site, great lookers, great bodies

Let me just pick myself up from the floor. F**k me, talk about hot.

yES! yES! yES!

THANK YOU!! I tried to join their site just to see those photos. He is beautiful - stunning actually. He is one of the most beautiful men you have ever featured. More more more!

As one who has been to Brasil during the past five years on six occasions and for two weeks or longer-- I know the make up of its inhabitants. This diversity is NOT conspicuously obvious in its media.

Salvador (Bahia) is the most African of Brasilian cities: Curitiba is the most European; the rest display a variety of colors of people, which I prefer.

I'm glad that this stunningly handsome and sexy man has found his place in a mainstream profession and do hope that others follow suit.

Of all of the men whom you featured during the past year of my being here, he, Ramirez, has definitely become my most favorite of ALL models. I'd truly love to meet him in person!

Thanks for posting him and his spread! I applaud your efforts to extend some variety in models and men here.

I certainly agree that this Brasilian caramel colored sexy hunk is absolutely gorgeous.

However, I would have to take issue with your statement """I hope this means Terra will start pushing for a little more ethnic diversity from now on."""

Why not start the trend right here? While I love this website, I often flinch at the near obsession with the frequent display of twink-like underweight white models from Brasil.

As somebody who has traveled all over Brasil, and is well versed with the ethnic diversity and overabundance of drop-dead gorgeous ethnic men that Brasil has to offer, I feel all too often this website showcases simply one variety of typical Brasilians.

Dear Krishnan honey - relax, everyone has their own tastes. I just do not find him to be hotter than Hades, that's all.

As an African American man who took his first trip to Rio and Salvador this year it's great to see such beauty celebrated in the media. As others said before me, you would think Brazil is in Europe based on its models and most popular stars. Thanks for promoting the breadth of beauty in the country.

Fantastic face and body!

I agree with all the previous comments. Why are we not seeing more mulatto to darker skinned Brasilians. Even your display of the photos for Mr. Gay Brasil were for the most part of merino or lighter men. One other thing, thank you for the insightful material on Racism in Brasil as it appeared in the Miami-Herald in June of 2007.

What a BEAUTIFUL black man!!! I hope MIB keeps showing all the beautiful black men our country has in stock.

divine looks, he's absolutely stunning and to die for........yummie, ymmie

As a non-Brazilian visiting this site I wondered where the non european men were. I thought I was the only one wondering. I just assumed the european beauty you can find in Canada, Australia, France, etc...was what most people want to see. However when I think of visiting a Brazilian web site featuring hot men it is for the opposite reason, I want to see men of different shades -that is exotic to most people in the rest of the world...this web site became a big dissapointment. My advice to black and brown people -stay away from the european media, save your beuty for those that really appreciate it.

eu estou apaixonada por voce. eu sou argentina. eu moro en mar del plata. sonrie para min...garoto lindo!

All this positive feedback towards Ramirez and black men should be taken into consideration by our gay magazines. I wonder when he will finally be on the cover of DOM?

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