Loosen Up Your Buttons

The Pussycat Dolls' body of work accumulated over the past two years is pretty impressive given that none of them can actually sing live. As much as I want to hate them, I end up falling for their songs as soon as I see a video with some sexed-up choreography and lack of clothing.

Now someone had the patience to paste their hits together in a megamix, and I am fixated.


And appearantly, half naked girls also work on gay guys, lol.

whoa i went to their show in minniapolis when they opened for christina and there was no lip syncing going on...u could tell it was taking a toll on the lead but they pulled it off so whatever show your referring to i think since then theyve changed the way they perform.
and this aint coming from any super fan..i like them..more for dancing purposes..but i dont consider them musicians..more entertainers...they dont lip sync tho

Who is the male model in this video ?

What did you think about Colbie?

I think the leader singer of Pussycat is able to sing live and very well.

They can sing live, including the backing vocals.

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