Just Friends?

According to US Weekly, Lance Bass may be more of a Brazilinizer than I thought. He tells the magazine that calling model Pedro Andrade his boyfriend may be a bit premature. "We are just friends now. I guess you can say we're dating because we've been on multiple dates, but it's nothing exclusive. I'm freshly out of a relationship." That and there are plenty of other Brazilian boys in New York anyways.

Believe it or not, the possible love affair has made headlines on every Brazilian site this week. I will obviously keep a close watch as this has the potential to turn the Brazilian boyfriend into a must-have item for the summer in the Northern hemisphere.


It's nice to know that Brazilians are really just soulless pieces of meat.

having a brazilian boyfriend is already a must in the uk!

Now watch Pedro become more famous than he will ever be. By the same token, watch how the sale of Hairspray tickets will go up. It's all quid pro quo.

I want a Brazilian boyfriend but not just for the summer.

Here in Canada, a Brazilian BF, is a must this summer as well. More in Toronto than Montreal though. Let's see if with DJ Ana Paula bringing the beats of Rio to Montreal's gay pride in august, Montreal will catch up on the trend. We rock gurls ;)

I find these comments offensive!!!

Pedro Video


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