Brazilianizer Of The Week: Lance Bass

It is already on People magazine: former 'N Sync star Lance Bass recently found love in the arms of Brazilian model Pedro Andrade. Apparently, the two met a party in the Hamptons earlier this summer, months after Lance's split from Reichen Lehmkul. I guess this makes two guys who Lance hand-picked from the covers of The Advocate in 2005. Coincidence?

From what I know, Pedro is a very sweet guy. There is more about him on Papel Pop for those who can read Portuguese.

I hope this whole move makes having a Brazilian boyfriend fashionable again.


Aye please...the hot brazilian boyfriend has always been & always will be the gay equivalent of a Birkin.

We all need to have sex with a Brazilian boy at least once to really appreciate the beauty and splendor of their butts.

Ele também namorou o Ricky Martin, mas o namoro terminou rápido”, disse uma amiga do modelo para o Papel Pop.
"he Has also dated ricky martin, but it didn't last long." said one of the model's friend to papel pop.

Papel Pop pretty much says if it wasn't for his looks, he wouldn't be able to have the life (the parties, the 'beautiful' friends) he has now.

Well, I wonder if the Advocate magazine has a service for stars (or ex-stars, or almost-wannabe-stars) that arrange dates with the cover guys. Would it be a kind of scort service?

I've had my wonderful share of Brasilian bundas and well as that other cherished part of a man, but in terms of all of this, my adoring of Brasilian men far exceed the sensual and sexual components!

It's always fashionable .

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