The Pride Parade Has Begun

Here is a first picture from São Paulo's Gay Pride Parade, which just kicked off in the city.

I was going to liveblog from the event through my blackberry but it was just stolen as I tried to push my way through hundreds of people to make it to the VIP area. Two pieces of advice here:

1. If you are heading to Avenida Paulista, make sure to just take some cash with you as there are wallets without money and credit cards over the sidewalk (I am taking my camera with me inside my underwear). Leave your cellphones at home.

2. Better organization next year around the VIP area. It is impossible for journalists to get in with a massive crowd of people outside and very few police men.

Now can someone from Blackberry or Cingular send me a new Pearl so that I can blog live from São Paulo Fashion Week?


I can hardly find a good reason to travel to a place with such rampant theft. Makes no sense. I am sure it is fun to be there, but having to put my digital camera or my PDA inside my undies is no way for me to spend a day :) Is it really THAT crazy?

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