The Mysterious Gay Soccer Player

On a soccer debate yesterday live on Record networks, a journalist asked Palmeiras director if the much talked about gay soccer player belonged to the team. The director replied "No, Rycharlyson had signed a contract with Palmeiras, but ended up playing for São Paulo soccer club the very next day". Ooops! Apparently it wasn't done on purpose. Watch the whole thing unfold in the video below:

Papel Pop had already speculated about the identity of the gay soccer player earlier this week. The site also dug up a video of Rycharlyson celebrating a goal back in 2005, when the gay rumors started:

Today Mix Brasil decided to get on the case and called São Paulo soccer club asking if Rycharlyson is indeed the gay soccer player about to come out. The club denied it, meaning I have to wait until this Sunday to find out about it on national TV.


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