Speedo Sundays: Thongs Up

Brazilian model Evandro Soldati sweaty in the latest issue of Dansk magazine.

Mr. Soldati is actually landing in the country today for Fashion Rio. He is already confirmed for the Redley show tomorrow morning at Forte de Copacabana. Expect coverage of the event here.

More scans (so hot that they may be almost NSFW) after the jump.


he seriously doesn't do anything for me... blah

what about some bruno santos news?:D

Nice outline. Looks like he's cut.

are u kidding?? he is perfect!

nice crotch!

Brazilian men turn me on ALWAYS!

nice basket.
nice pleasure trail too.


My sentiments are identical to Alain's. "...nice basket." "...nice pleasure trail, too." I also like his beautiful smile and pearly-white teeth.

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