São Paulo Gay Pride In Pictures

In spite of everything bad that happened yesterday, it was nice to spend Sunday with my friends in São Paulo after working non-stop in Rio last week.

I do not intend for people to be put off by the event because of everything that happened yesterday, but I do think it is important to raise awareness so that it gets taken care of next year. I did not receive a single complaint about any of the parties (and I had a blast at Gira-Sol on Saturday), but I did receive several emails this morning commenting on the state of things at Avenida Paulista. In any event, the weather was beautiful, and I took some pictures of the event to share here on the blog (with the help of my friend Arthur). Check them out after the jump.

One thing to be very afraid of: the public bathrooms (but it is a good thing there were plenty of them around).

And here is my very favorite shot of last night: two boys kissing under a monument. That is what Pride should be all about.

Thanks to G Brazil and Blue Tree Towers for taking good care of me over the weekend.


I totally agree with you, and I also think it's wrong to sanitize the reality of the event from a journalist's point of view. The very same argument that Boogiedown used is being applied by gay activist friends of mine to the media here to play down the story of the murder of the French tourist, because it will "scare away" people. Sweep a murder under the rug to save the party? I don't think so. And I also agree about Paulista. It was fun but also it was often nightmarish. The crowd pressed up against the trucks sometimes, and the fumes were making people sick and they couldn't escape because there was no where to go, and that led to shoving matches dangerously close to the wheels of the trucks. Add in the alcohol and drugs that folks were taking (pot was popular again this year) and it was very scary at times. And I am totally against this attitude of "don't rain on our parade - don't report the bad stuff" - you guys don't seem to understand...THAT'S what's wrong with Brazil! Things get surpressed for just that reason, and then things don't change and bad things happen. I take my hat off to you, J....

Kevin, you couldnt have said it better !

I think people are being harsher than usual with you J mostly because you usually do an awesome job covering events of this type. Always looking for the best looks, the best shots, the best stories and the best views to it all, making us all Brazilians suddenly look like the hottest shit on earth. But this time, for some reason, you decided to put the focus on something which is not typical, is not beautifull, it is not fun. It is definatelly not something one would want to stick the "MADE IN BRAZIL" label on.... Dont be let donw by all the sudden criticism because, no doubt, you do a great job most of the times. It is just that this time, we didnt expect the harsheness from you, the loyal defender of Brazil's image abroad ;) We still love Made in Brazil.

All the newspapers are now following your lead, J. They are reporting that indeed the police are investigating the murder of Landovar as a possible anti-gay hate crime, and they are reporting that indeed Ritz *is* a gay establishment, and he was in town as a tourist for the gay pride events. This is all very very significant, as many gay activists (and even a very prominent gay reporter I spoke with) all wanted to play down these facts for fear of "scaring people". As a new resident of Jardins, where this murder happened on the most important pro-gay day of the year here, I want to personally thank you for NOT being afraid to report the truth. This giant parade, lest we forget, was about an end to hatred in Brazil - the title of the event was "A World Without Racism, Machismo and Homophobia" -- it wasn't "A Giant, Profitable Party With Only Beautiful Hot People and Lovely Stories For More Tourism Money"....

First let me say what I had neglected to say in my previous comment: I love this blog. It is great. But. I wish that when J posted about all the problems, he had balanced it with something like "While millions of people came together Sunday to celebrate...there were several problems, etc" Just a little balance was needed. I agree that the police didn´t do the job required of them. I understand the mayor didnt support the parade, could this be the reason?

Let the discussion continue: I have yet to read about it. On Sunday the BBC radio kept reporting on the assembled crowds in Sao Paulo for this year's Gay Pride Day (parade and festivities and the theme for 2007).

I hadn't heard about the murder and other difficulties until I clicked here a while ago--11:10PM, California on Tuesday, 12 June 2007.

After having all of the responses here tonight, I must go back and read what preceded these in J's MIB of yesterday!

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