Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Santiago

Santiago is the winner of the All American Guys Online Contest, and has just made his debut on the site this month. Am I the only who who already feels compelled to marry him? There is another picture of him after the jump.

Visit All American Guys asap for enlarged versions of the pictures above, as well as an interview and a music video with Santiago Aragon. He beat over 100 guys for the title.


nice package!


Now HE is just way hotter than what one normally finds on Way.

gorgeous !!!!

Very much Lukas Ridgeston

i think smooth is sexy.... but a little hair in the pits is nice.. hairless pits look really..unntural to me..

I would not want "to marry him," but a meeting and some viable activities would be GREAT!

hubba hubba! and then some!!

Is he gay or stright, I half to know, is be bi? How can we find out?

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