It's Fashion Week In Milan And...

After a technicolor presentation last spring, Miuccia is headed in a more subdued direction for spring 2008. I love her shirtdresses for men (especially the version with 3/4 sleeves). It is something only she could make work. There is also an emphasis on a new length on the shirts and sweaters, making them all look like tunics. As for the sandals with socks which were already present last spring, I am going to have to skip them.

While shirt hems grew longer at Prada, jackets hems and sleeves were cropped at Jil Sander.

Dolce & Gabbana are back on track with another cargo extravaganza, great flower prints, and a selection of tiny swimsuits which may slowly become a trend. Make sure to watch the runway video with Timbaland on the soundtrack.

I have to thank Thomas Maier for putting an end to the skinny trousers at Bottega Veneta. I absolutely love his new take on volume, and his use of off-whites, pink, and caramel. Additional thanks for all the short shorts.

Mr. McQueen must be happy (and in love). He sent out one of his most optimistic and brightest men's collections ever, with a nod to the 50's, California, and surf. The result could not have been better.

At Burberry, Christopher Bailey turned the gay volume up for spring. Acid colors, a parade of sequins, gold, shine, and transparencies ran through the collection. After browsing through so much gray, white, and beige, I am happy someone is not afraid to use color.

Talking about turning up the gay volume, who would have thought that Mr. Armani would propose an off-the-shoulder look for men?

I am in love with the t-shirts, jackets, and shorts from Missoni: young, fresh, and very Marni.

After showing up in São Paulo last week, Evandro Soldati maintains his status as male model of the moment in Milan as well.

Southern Brazilian Kees Hattem made his Milan debut a year ago at Calvin Klein, and managed to score bookings at Prada and Costume National this week. Keep an eye on him.

I have a feeling scuba and surf are going to become a trend. Buy something in neoprene asap.


I actually like the off-shoulder armani look. I am just not sure how normal people (read: not model) can pull it off.

I feel like I need to throw on a pair of leggings for Armani's look. Very "Flashdance."

You should come comment on the Fashion Spot more. I didn't even recognize Chad White on the Dolce runway. I thought he was absent!

And this year's models seriously don't know how to put one foot after another.

It seams like most of the designers really put their gayness out there. Some collections could be shown on women and it would look better then on skinny tall boys(examples Prada, Burberry) Americans will not be wearing it for at least next 2-3 years and by then the khakis and cargo pants will make the come back.

Steven is right!

I love the Prada boys, they're like angels.

Americans won't were that because on the whole they are overweight and too rugged anyway. They are obsessed with being terrified of appearing "gay" so will never open their minds to the great directions men's fashion could go in.

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