More About Milan (And What You Will Be Wearing Next Spring)

Is it just me or did Dean and Dan Caten send out the exact same collection for DSquared as they did last spring? The theme may have shifted to race car drivers (a world they had already explored on their breakthrough collection years ago), but their signature pieces were all there. I love all the slip-on sneakers and the super short beach shorts.

Frida Giannini expanded her resort vision into Gucci's spring collection. She looked at the 50's and Marcello Mastroianni, but failed to excite me as she did with her boho boys from last spring. Go for the oversized hobo and the beach totes.

Italo Zucchelli turned his leggings from last spring into cycling shorts in a collection reminiscent of the label's iconic (gay) images by Bruce Weber. He abused of grays, silver, and peach. Watch out for peach come next spring as it was also seen at Bottega Veneta and Marni.

Consuelo Castiglione seemed to be on the same mind frame as Miuccia Prada for spring 2008. She sent out a rather subdued collection for Marni in a somber color palette, and confirmed that cropped sleeves may be here to stay.

Go for some D&G if you feel you may need to channel your inner rocker next spring: a multitude of zippers, leather jackets, studs, and British flags took over the collection. If you love a good cargo pant, this is where you will find one. FYI, Brazilian newcomer Alexandre Cunha opened the show.

Cargo pants also made a comeback at Cavalli. While the show failed to make me want to go on a safari or to tour with a hard rock band, it did feature the three hottest Brazilians in Milan this season: Andre, Miro, and Evandro.

Transparency is going to be a big trend for next spring, confirmed by Alessandro Dell'Acqua. Cut all the carbs on your diet right now.

Brazil's leading redhead Igor Medeiros made appearances at Ferragamo and Valentino.

Special thanks to the stylist at Ferragamo for putting Miro Moreira in short shorts and a swimsuit, especially in a spring season miraculously depleted of sexy swimwear.


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seriously, is miro's tattoo even real? i can understand how they can airbrush it out for print ads, but i reckon it has to be quite hard to conceal for a live runway show like this.

Please...Do.... Enlargable... Views... !!!!!

Does Igor Medeiros have any editorials?
Or doesn he have a fan website? Same with Miro Moreira? Thanks

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