The Boys Of Fashion Rio And SPFW

Last season I met a girl in Rio who turned out to be one of the sweetest and coolest people I have ever met. I was thrilled to see her again this season, and asked her again to send me a compilation of her favorite pictures of the boys who were in the country for the spring shows.

Click HERE to check out the result in an exclusive picture gallery. I think you will like the images just as much as I did.

Thanks to Maria Sanz for sending her pictures to Made In Brazil. Aside from being the best dressed girl I know, she is also a talented writer. Make sure to visit her blog No Provador for her take on fashion.

March Against Homophobia In São Paulo

As mentioned here earlier in the week, the Pride Parade Association of São Paulo organized a march yesterday at 7 pm to protest the rising violence against gays in the city, and to educate victims of homophobia on how to proceed in case on an attack. Since I was not in São Paulo and could not participate, I read about it today on sites such as Mix Brasil, and was disappointed to learn that only about 100 people showed up to march (and the rain is not an excuse here). Why is that that 3.5 million come to Avenida Paulista to celebrate and party during Gay Pride weekend, but only 100 of them show up when it is time to get political and demand a new hate crimes legislation? There is a need for a stronger gay political movement or ideology in this country. It is great to be able to gather people to party, but has anyone stopped to think what is it that we are actually celebrating? The party in which everyone gets half naked and drunk already exists and it is called Carnival, not Gay Pride.

Kevin at Club Whirled attended the march, and shot the two videos above. He makes some very good points about the march yesterday, which I recommend you read. I do not intend on using this blog as a tool for gay activism, but I do think it is important for people outside of Brazil to see that we still struggle with homophobia, and that they should be careful when visiting. After several reports of attacks against gays in Jardins in the past year, I also support the need of a law which classifies homophobia as a hate crime.

To download a guide against discrimination developed by the Pride Parade Association, click here.

Stalking Cauã Reymond

The actor went surfing at Recreio dos Bandeirantes in Rio this past Wednesday. Images via Ego.

Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Santiago

Santiago is the winner of the All American Guys Online Contest, and has just made his debut on the site this month. Am I the only who who already feels compelled to marry him? There is another picture of him after the jump.

Opening And Closing Missoni

There is some major buzz about Douglas Neitzke this week: the Brazilian not only booked Prada, but opened AND closed the Missoni spring 2008 show this week in Milan.

Speedo Break In Milan

At Dirk Bikkemberg's spring 2008 show this week in Milan.

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