Gay Man Murdered At São Paulo Gay Pride

I spent all morning reading news about the parade last night, and two things are present in every article: the record number of people, and the violence. Blogger Kevin at Club Whirled just emailed me links to two stories this morning about a murder which took place last night in the Jardins area. According to Folha Online, French Gregor Erwan Landouar was stabbed in the abdomen with a knife by a group of three or four young men right after leaving popular gay restaurant Ritz. He was not robbed, meaning it was most likely a hate crime (there is a recent rise in the numbers of hate crimes against gay men in the area). Mr. Landouar died at the hospital, and no suspects have been arrested yet.

Kevin points out that the newspapers made no reference to the fact that the victim was at a gay restaurant, and that the incident happened on the day of the biggest pride parade in the world. When I read the story, I was stunned as I spent about an hour drinking with my friends at Ritz last evening.

UPDATE: Folha reports today that the murder is being investigated as a hate crime. It was also confirmed by O Globo that Mr. Landouar was visiting the city for Pride weekend, and that it was not a case of robbery.


OMG! There's no excuse for such safe!!

Your coverage of Sao Paulo gay pride is pessimistic, dark, dire and gloomy. Unlike the reports sent by my friends in Sao Paulo, who had a wonderful time. As to the crimes, drugs and violence, they've been reported by all major papers.
Maybe next time you should send someone with more esprit de corps - and we all could get a more uplifting account of such a big event.

I agree with Mark. I do not want to discount your experience, but mine was completely different. I spent the entire day on Avenida Paulista with my friends. We had a great time, and not one problem. After the parade we danced all the way back to the center, following the FischerSpooner trio electrico, arriving just when the festivities ended. Yes we saw people who had consumed too much, but the majority were shiny happy people. For me, the place to be in a VIP tent is Feria de Abril in Sevilla (if VIP tents are your thing). But the best place to be in a street festival is in the street, just go dressed accordingly. In comparison, NYC pride is a drudge. It is like a public service announcement of a parade. Here in Sao Paulo yesterday it was definitely a party. All came, most behaved responsibly. Some crime happened, but there were 3,5 million people! The fact that I met one person who had his wallet stolen is statistically insignifigant. The fact that a man was killed is a terrible tragedy. But that it happened yesterday has very little connection. As you report, hate crimes are rising. Your mentioning in connection to the parade scares people away.

Boogiedown wrote: "But that it happened yesterday has very little connection."

How do we know that? The news media here is not really reporting beyond just the facts. They didn't even mention that it was a gay establishment (and it was very very likely a gay tourist in town for the parade, who was walking with three probably gay guys).

Things change when the media pressures a city government and the police to follow up on these things, and publishes their responses to the obvious questions. Too often, the Brazilian media knuckles under the pressure from people who don't want to scare people with the facts. You read all over in the MSM that it was a record-breaker, and fabulous, etc etc. These things on MIB are important balancing of the story. And it's a shame he missed the Rauhofer show at TW, it was awesome. But he's human after all and needs to sleep :)

I dont think you can call Ritz "a gay establishment". It is not. It is a restaurant like any other in Jardins, just that this one has a lot of gay people. Just like the Frans Cafe on Haddock Lobo, a few blocks away which I am sure we can all agree, it is NOT a gay establishment.

Come on Thiago, be real. Ritz is as gay as it gets here, and everybody knows it.

And all the papers are finally reporting this murder as a possible hate crime.

Yes, it's a possible hate crime, but it could also be done by hitmen hired to kill him. Either way I think people need to calm down and stop exaggerating what happened on Sunday. This murder is very tragic, yes, but you could hardly blame it on any of the organizers of the parade.

Personally, I had a great time at the parade, and neither I nor any of my friends had any problems.

Who's blaming it on anyone but the attackers? Nobody blames Nelson Matias or the Pride organization; in fact, Nelson *agrees* that the parade is out of control now and something has to be done. Nelson also was quoted by G.Online as saying "this is a hate crime", full stop. The point is -- you can't expect safety in any city until you demand it. And the point of this parade was to demand an end to homophobia and hate - that was the title of it. We have to be vigilant or we will continue to be beaten and terrorized by homophobes in Sao Paulo, and simultaneously neglected by the people who are supposed to be protecting us. No one is saying don't have fun, but the Parada is one day per year, and I have to live on the streets of this city 365 days a year.

Some of the above writers missed the major points of your reporting. Although the media and many bloggers and some attendees reported the usual, fun "gay" stuff that took place during Pride 2007 in Sao Paulo, you veered away and reported on something which was MUCH MORE SIGNIFICANT: a murder. ...something THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED AT ALL: the taking of an innocent man's life because of pent-up hatred of one because of his sexuality.

Come on you who kept harping on the crowds and fun-- don't overlook what happened to the man from France; it could have been you if you had not been frolicking it up.

A few years back, a huge truck ran over a man immediately after the Gay Day Parade in San Francisco; this was a tragedy which was reported along with the other usual hype + facts! His death was not downplayed.

I was in SF attending the events. ...had fun but was saddened when I heard and read about his death on and during a day of frivolity and pride!

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