A Semana: YouTube On Trial, Santoro, iPhone, A Gay Soccer Player, And Attacks Against Gays

Earlier this year MTV presenter Daniela Cicarelli filed a lawsuit against YouTube in Brazil because a video of her having public sex at the beach in Spain was being broadcast non-stop on the site. Yesterday YouTube won the case, claiming that Cicarelli could not base her case on violation of privacy when she was having sex in a public beach to begin with. Now that the presenter lost the case, the sex video will be making its way back on the internet.

Rodrigo Santoro is back on a movie set. He started shooting Redbelt with director David Mamet this month. The movie is about jiu-jitsu.

Paris Hilton was finally released from Lynwood Detention Facility after serving three weeks.

Gisele undressed for Michael Thompson on the latest W.

The Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am is apparently in the country shooting a movie to go with his solo debut album Songs About Girls.

The NYT reports about the much anticipated iPhone.

According to Folha Online, a soccer player from a major São Paulo club is ready to come out on national TV. Globo networks has been negotiating an exclusive interview, but the player's manager is against it.

Fortaleza in Ceará recognized its first gay civil union (also referred to as stable union in Brazil) last week, giving pension and health care rights to a lesbian couple who has been together for 22 years.

While progress is being made on the legal front, attacks against gays by groups of skinheads are still on the rise in the Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo. In the past month alone, a French man was murdered during Gay Pride weekend, a 17-year-old girl was attacked and molested, and a 19-year-old boy was stabbed to death this past weekend at Amarelinho at Rua da Consolação, a prominent gay hangout. There is a protest against the attacks scheduled for this Thursday at Rua Augusta. For more on the Jardins attacks, check out Club Whirled.


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