The Wedding Dress Controversy

Poor (Calvin Klein creative director) Francisco Costa. As if agreeing to waste his time designing a wedding dress for Brazilian singer Wanessa Camargo was not enough to please his fellow Brazilians, today he had to apologize for the fact that the dress looked just like the Calvin Klein gown actress Christina Ricci wore to the Met Costume Institute Gala this year. In a letter to Brazilian press, Mr. Costa stated that Wanessa's much talked about dress was made of silk crepe (Ricci's was velvet), and custom made to fit her body, couture-style.

I never though I'd say this, but there is one thing which should have been really copied from Christina Ricci: the hairstyle. Everyone is giving Francisco Costa such a hard time when they should be focusing on whoever commited that crime on Wanessa's head. Gown and veil: perfection. Hair: high school prom meets lap dog.


LOL. que mau q vc é!

Who's the groom? Dashing!

Come on! That's a very common cut for a dress. Are we going to accuse Calvin of ripping off Jessica Rabbit too?

John Travolta must be thinking now: That's a good one for the next Hairspray remake...

Can Mr. Costa ever make Calvin Klein collection important again?

the hair is horrendous.

The dresses are the same. One is velvet and the other is whaaaaat? Poor Wanessa. Shame on Him. But the hairdo it's a mess. The cut was an idea of Giovanni Bianco who is kind of taking care of her new CD pictures and all that stuff. But she could have used the same of Ricci at The Costume I. Gala.

she never had high school time!!!

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