The Controversial New Face

I was bombarded with over 100 emails this past Sunday for posting new face Weder Wilhan here, but regardless of a little criticism I am going to stick with the kid. He is 17 now, and was just discovered last month, but in two years when he is shooting editorials for V and Vogue Hommes, don't say that I didn't warn you. Keep in mind I posted something about Carol Trentini when this blog had just started and where is she now? Cover of Vogue.

In case you are starting to agree with me, there is one more picture of Weder after the jump. And for those who need more flesh, I promise tons of new polas when I get back from my casting trip this weekend.


Here we go again with this fugly boy. His deer in the headlights look will sell nothing. He looks like you just killed his mom. If you wnna see real casting go to COACD (

He will kill it during show season in Milan & Paris ... I don't see what everyones problem is - he is perfect for high fashion & is only 17 ... once he's wth a good milan agency they'll probably have him working out & gaining some muscle but most models that have great bodies are still extremely thin b/c otherwise they wont fit the clothes ... if you look at evandro, michael c, joao, andre z, marcelo boldrini etc... they're all extremely thin but have good upper body physiques ... thats just the way fashion is

i think he has potential. but the good thing is that he is young so he has time to improved ...cus i do not like the pic of him on the bottom left side corner.

Yes bottom left, thats the one where his is whimpering and asking you why you killed his momma. Or he is telling you that he doesn't want you to put it in cause it will hurt too much.

All the muscle gain in the world isn't going to fix that face and those droopy eyes. You can keep trying to force him on us but that doesn't mean that we are going to agree. I used to love MIB but lately it has been moving to the bottom of my list.

He is a cute boy, but it is time for the fashion industry to grow up.

Nothing that you say or do will turn this ugly boy into a Cinderella. Forget it!

Give him a fake ID, and I'd totally hit it! Cuddle!

Yes, Yes... it's clear now.... Carlos is the man weighing 800#s, bedridden, barely able to maneuver his gigantic arm toward the little laptop that connects him to the world.. "He's awful" Carlos types, lashing out at anything and everyone he can. Stuffing more and more cookies into the void... :0)

The kids adorable, give him a couple years and he will be everywhere-

WTF? What is the big deal? He clearly has potential. Why would anyone be so upset that his pict. is on here? Get a life.

A. There is no "s" in my name

B. I never said anyone was "awful" I don't know him well enough to say that, he is ugly, I'll give you that

C. Check my frequent comments on here, I don't typically bend to the dramatic

D. I'm not sure what anything I have said has to do with my weight and body size and I refrain from any personal attacks, just the subject at hand

Instead of wasting time wading through 100 emails of criticism, use it to shoot the guy B&W with some great lighting that accentuates his good looks. Dark and moody. That should shut them up for a while!

Tô contigo e não abro. O problema desse blog é que ele anda sendo frequentado por muito brasileiro mal educado. Brasileiro mal educado é pleonasmo?

Um, some of you people apparently need to get laid. The boy is fine. Not my type, but I can see that he's cute. I agree with Leigh though, the fashion industry needs to grow up. Like when 14-year-old girl models are modeling couture gowns -- idiotic on so many levels. Meanwhile, I love Greg for this: "barely able to maneuver his gigantic arm toward the little laptop that connects him to the world.. 'He's awful' Carlos types, lashing out at anything and everyone he can. Stuffing more and more cookies into the void..." HILARIOUS!

Hey, I don't care what you old folks say.

I think this kid is fuckable and I would adore having him lay naked across my bed while I pound his butt.

And then he can squirt a HUGE THICK load down my throat. Hmmmm! Yes, fashion models are the best.

Of course, no post would be complete without a comment from someone who sounds a lil bit like a rapist. Thanks krishnan.

He's OK looking, but I don't know, nothing special I suppose.

He totally has "IT".. I so agree with your choice to post his pics..

Carlo is clearly jealous of the Made In Brazil success history in casting. Why else would be post his url here? This boy is beautiful. And I like the little bit of sadness in his eyes. It means he has soul.

he is hot I hope he doesn't change his body type though it's one thing to work out and be fit but to inject steroids to look bigger and have fake disgusting muscle now that is pathetic, any guys that thinks that they are all that because they have big muscles are just fooling themselves they just look like freaks period
this boi is hot like it or not

What a looker, he is going to steel hearts in a couple of years - and no doubt as his body develops he will be sexy and stunning - great early find like others you have discovered - keep finding them and bringing them too us. The speedo photo's great.

In a few more years he just might be a beauty! until then...

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