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Some of you thought Weder Wilhan had modeling potential, and some of you thought I was completely insane to place my bets on the 17-year-old newcomer from Floripa.

Apparently Michael Roberts and Mario Testino seem to agree with me on this one. Here are some exclusive pictures of Weder's fitting for Vanity Fair magazine yesterday in Rio.

Weder was discovered by Sergio Mattos less than a month ago, and has already booked one of the biggest magazines in the industry (in which he will appear next to Brazilian singers Bebel Gilberto and Marisa Monte). I have a feeling he is going to show up on several runways in the country come June. More pictures from his fitting after the jump.


You have great taste. Don't pay any attention to the tasteless and haters on this blog. You rock! thanks!!!

he's very cute!

Nice looking guy but a little bit of an overkill on exposure on this website

THE NEXT TOP MODEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is cute, in a way, but so far too bland to merit the fuss. That's another reason I hate the fashion industries obsession with boys and androgyny.

You were perfectly right to choos ehim!

I still think that he is being overrated. He's the cute boy next door.....but not top model material. Time will prove that I am right.

He is the next Kate Moss!

Interesting and soulful face. I definitely see the potential.

I love it. He looks great and more confident. As the confidence comes together, you can see glimpses of some really intense sensuality. And Testino didn't get where he is by being wrong about models.

Yeap, goofy-cute is always a winner ... that indefinable something ... is he bland or is he the most interesting person you've seen in years? Why can't you tell? THAT'S what makes a good model.

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