Speedo Sundays

It is time for a break from all the fashion models featured here this week to focus on Bang Bang Boys Pedro, Kaio, Ricky, and Bira. There are more pictures after the jump.

For a lot more (including tons of steamier pictures and videos), visit Bang Bang Boys (warning: NSFW). Swimwear courtesy of AussieBum.

All images used with permission from Bang Bang Boys. Please do not copy or post without a link to the site.


Speedo Sundays ROCK! Always a GREAT addition to my weekend.. Thanks!

Wow, please note: *very* NSFW!!

Can I spend an afternoon sitting around the pool with these 4 hunks? WOW... what Babes!

hey guys,

i just love this site. every sunday i wait for an update. i´ve visited www.bangbangboys.com and I didn´t find theses pictures of Pedro, Kaio and the other guys. Are they new?


mmm very hot!!!

Brazilians. Yummy!!! They are very different from the rest. Very hot.
One day I'll live in this paradise.

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