Second Best

While Miss USA fell flat on her butt, Miss Brazil Natália Guimarães almost took home the title of Miss Universe last night in Mexico. The 22-year-old was voted first runner-up to the title, which is a big deal considering a national candidate had not been in the top 5 finalists in 26 years.


I saw the pageant last nite and to me she should have actually won. She scored highest in evening wear and she was the only contestant to actually answer the question(as foolish as some of them were.) High score in swimwear as well. Miss Japan's gown was horrific and she barely slid by. Miss USA should not have even placed in the top 5 she needed to be replaced by Miss Venezuela. That pageant is rigged for business purposes... just my opinion....

In my view what made Mis Brazil lose the title was actually the final question. The answer was good, unfortunately she was not able to control her nerves when answering it.

In the other hand, no need for the Mexicans to boo Miss USA - not very mature, but again, what a hell was I doing watching Miss Universe? Oh Yeah, I started to watch after Miss USA felt in her ass.

Obviosly the Brazilian girl was prettier than the Japanese girl. Everyone is desappointed.

I would like to remind you guys also that the second most beautiful man in The World of 2007 is Brazilian too.

You go Miss USA. Not many people can fall flat on their butt, get up, hold their head up high and have to endure the rudest audience ever. Miss USA made it to the final 5 because of her ability to handle the pressure. Go USA!!!

Honestly, I was hoping Miss Tanzania would win (bald headed beauty) and lead the change for the Miss Universe Organization and standard of beauty across the world. It would have been legendary. On the other hand, Miss Japan's win was a surprise, but deserving. She was confident and humble. She didn't have the traditional tulle, fluffy, shimmery and sequined gown like all the other contestant. She was fashion forward and I liked that. Hello! You have Nina Garcia from Elle as a judge; she was a shoe in. As for Miss USA, bravo for her courage and grace under pressure. Who could've pulled off that kind of resiliency after falling flat on your ass in front of the whole universe? She should've won for that alone. But I digress. And for Miss Brazilian. Wow, what a stunner and I truly felt that she was going to win and she didn't. But I suppose the judges felt that they wanted a new representative and not the norm. Plus I feel that she was too over confident anyway.

The Mexicans were booing Miss USA throughout the whole competition, so I felt pretty bad for her, on top of the ass falling.

she's pretty!

I'm so proud of Natalia, she is gorgeous!!!!
Brazil ! Brazil! Brazil!!!!!!!!!!

Japan may not be the prettiest of the top 5, but she did deserve it. USA wasn't going to win because of the fall and the constant of plugging of Oprah Winfrey; Korea lucked out with a horrible interpretor that forgot to translate her last sentence " so that I can continue to spread joy around the world"; Venezuela had the bad luck of being asked by Dave N. who had the most shallow question; and Brazil looked nervous when answering her question.


Bah, this is why these "contests" are a joke.

While some people can be enlightened enough to see beauty in many forms. Most, are racist or nationlistic morons, who can't look beyond their own backyard to cheer for someone else or something different.

And don't get me started on Mexico's crowd and their cheap, pathetic behavior. Booing anybody who had nothing to do with anything is the epitome of childish behavior. No, it's even worse, 'cause at least we teach our kids to be better than that.


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