Love, Love Her

It is a Ford Models day here: model Flavia de Oliveira in the fall ad campaign for Brazilian label Cori.

Stunning. There is one more ad after the jump.

Eat Your Heart Out (Big Time)

Model Leo Peixoto at Ford New York yesterday. Needless to say that this picture on my mailbox made my day (thanks to the boys from Ford).

Leo's card was on the mailing I received from Ford Brazil for Fashion Rio and SPFW. Hope to see him on as many shows as possible starting next week.

A Semana: Steroids, Fashion, Art, and Pride

A new campaign against the use of steroids was launched this week, in an attempt to educate gay men about the side effects of steroids. It is the first of its kind in the country.

A diamond-encrusted platinum skull by Damien Hirst will go on sale for $99 million in London.

Always innovative, Galeria Melissa in São Paulo got a new exterior makeover with an instalation by Base-V. The fall line of the famous jelly sandals is already available at the flagship store at Oscar Freire.

Model Hana Soukupova is scheduled to make an appearance at the Salinas fashion show in Rio next week.

Gisele is set to open the Colcci show next Tuesday in Rio wearing a sequined jumpsuit.

Openly gay screenwriter Gilberto Braga claimed that a gay kiss is not in the works for the primetime soap Paraíso Tropical because it would be "too gratuitous." I disagree.

Gay Day at amusement park Hopi Hari in São Paulo expects to draw 18 thousand people this year. There will be DJs on the ferris wheel, as well as drag performances headlined by the incredibly funny Silvetty Montilla.

Girasol party promises to be one of the biggest gay pride events this year. 20 thousand people are expect at Clube de Regatas Tietê on June 9, a day before the parade. Attractions include 20 Brazilian DJs, and 3 imported ones: Brett Henrichsen, Eric Cullenberg, and Ronen Mizrahi. Expect tons of go-go boys from the biggest clubs in the city, major drag performances, and an area devoted to the girls courtesy of Farol Madalena. It starts at 10 am, and ends twelve hours later. I am definitely attending.

The Wedding Dress Controversy

Poor (Calvin Klein creative director) Francisco Costa. As if agreeing to waste his time designing a wedding dress for Brazilian singer Wanessa Camargo was not enough to please his fellow Brazilians, today he had to apologize for the fact that the dress looked just like the Calvin Klein gown actress Christina Ricci wore to the Met Costume Institute Gala this year. In a letter to Brazilian press, Mr. Costa stated that Wanessa's much talked about dress was made of silk crepe (Ricci's was velvet), and custom made to fit her body, couture-style.

I never though I'd say this, but there is one thing which should have been really copied from Christina Ricci: the hairstyle. Everyone is giving Francisco Costa such a hard time when they should be focusing on whoever commited that crime on Wanessa's head. Gown and veil: perfection. Hair: high school prom meets lap dog.

The Hottest Brazilian Online

Mix Brasil and Manhunt got together earlier this month to elect the hottest Brazilian featured on the site. The winner of the contest was revealed yesterday: Boa Pinta will win a trip to São Paulo for Gay Pride weekend with all expenses paid. I suggest a little editorial feature with him also. To view the final ranking with the top 10 boys, visit Mix Brasil.

The Manhunt Gladiator float for the parade will feature DJs Pedro Felix, Douglas Penido, and Maicon.

Shakira Sets A New Record In Mexico

Miss Universe was not the only thing happening in Mexico over the weekend. Shakira managed to set a new record: her public concert in Mexico City's Zócalo square drew aproximately 210 thousand fans on Sunday night. The former record was held by local rock band Café Tacuba, who drew 170,000 fans to a concert in 2005. Click here to watch a selection of clips from Shakira's Sunday night concert.

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